There are some kids who play games and others who disassemble games, if anyone had pockets full of sprockets and gears it was certainly going to be me. My passion had always been to understand how things work.

Originally I entered the realm of CG after playing around with Visual Basic programing while an junior school student. During high-school I taught myself Blender and Photoshop as a full time occupation. After convincing the teachers to let me take independent CG courses I Graduated high-school with a scholarship for CG and moved too Vancouver to study environment design and learn to use industry standard tools such as ZBrush, Maya and Python.

My main goal is to be immersed in an artistically challenging opportunity that feeds my passion for creative environments in games and movies. Pushing techniques and pipeline through the critique given from my fellow comrades. I have always loved that combination of technical with creative flare.

After many challenging years of life dedicated to environments I have finally completed college and the demo reel to end all demo reels (experiences may very). Literally every dollar that I’m worth has been spent pursuing this goal. I cant afford the payed luxuries of living in western society but I will be dammed to make anything less than the best environments I am capable of making. That is my word and you have the authority to fire me for not living to that standard.

This is why I call my self
Jeremy Bayley “The Environment Guy”


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