Website Updates and Future Plans

Here is the brief outline of things that are changing in November 2014.

  • Posting schedule changes
  • Update of About sections
  • Addition of a production sheet
  • Organization of photographs
  • Reduction in branding size on all images


Its been one month since the launch of TheEnvironmentGuy along with this are some changes to the posting schedule and content. Some people may have noticed that last Monday and Friday there were no posts. I apologize for Monday, there was an unintended release of early revision articles which were deleted as soon as I was aware of the problem. As for Friday a decision was made too only post once a week. It is distracting to write on workdays so the new Monday only release scheduled will allow everything to be prepared on weekends.

It is also with some degree of satisfaction to announce the deadlines for updating the about sections was met. You can view the updates with these links : Bio, Ethics and Values, Income Statement, Services and Products, Life Goals. Some people advise not to place information such as your finances and personal goals online but I believe having parts of your life open for public scrutiny is a good way to develop yourself. I expect myself to treat everyone according to my Ethics and Values and everyone should be allowed to know what they are and call me out if it were to ever not be upheld. In fact I believe it is an essential part to grow as an artist and it is my commitment to everybody.

Some upcoming plans are revision of some of the new about sections. Ethics and Values and  Life Goals in particular need more attention. I would also like to include a production schedule on the website that would be updated multiple days a week. It will list each day for the week along with whats accomplished in that day and what the plan for the next day will be. This serves the purpose of guide my own efforts as well as inspiring other people to do their best every day. As stated here, part of the purpose for TheEnvironmentGuy is to show people the real life of an artist with all its ups and downs, not an romanticized image of a greater than life journey of some young person pursuing his dreams.

Last week there was mention of an organization plan to make the site searchable for reference photos. It is now officially on the todo to adopt the organization used by CGtextures This means reworking the current photography section and content release plans to start outputting some great new easy to browse content. Along with that is the downsizing of branding on the images to be much less intrusive. It’s my goal to make this a valuable resource over the years.

If you have any comments/questions or suggestions please feel free to use the contact form.

-The Environment Guy