We don’t graduate school, we graduate a state of mind.

Wow. Thats what I’m starting 2015 off on The Environment Guy blog. I said there would be a demo reel in January and here it is! But that’s not the end of it, there will be more. Making a reel was huge. No it isn’t the greatest reel of all time but it opened my mind to new ways of thinking which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. It required doing things that have never been done before and it was difficult. Getting up early and staying up late for weeks on end to meet a deadline is difficult. Doing one more texture when you haven’t eaten in the last twelve hours is difficult. Being creative when you have been looking at the same thing for months is difficult. But wanting to do more when its done… that’s surprisingly easy.

On Wednesday myself and three other 3D graduates had a public showcase for our reels and printed portfolio. I was tired and standing on a marble floor for a number of hours made our feet really sore. But it was worth it. I got up in the morning to find a piece of paper in my portfolio. Somone had left a critique of my work. It was harsh and that’s great. Later on I met people from various studios, some said nice things, others critique. I for one always take the critique before the nice.

The next day an EA games HR rep contacted me. Pretty cool, wasn’t sure what to think about it. The very first thing I experienced after completing the reel is doubt that its “good enough”. In fact it caused me to hesitate putting the video on line and contacting people immediately. That was a mistake. I may have been  with family and had been exhausted from work but I have let one full day slip without contacting the HR rep back because in my mind it wasn’t good enough. That was wrong. If you were that HR you better check your email because I’m following up right now. I apologize for making you wait while I got my crap together. If in some way I really am not good enough I will make it so I am, that is my decree.

For all the people who read this blog, official Monday posts start immediately! Also I’m very thankful to CGCookie for providing me with three month membership to their tutorial sites. I’m going to be doing some concept as well as some 3D work with environments which I will be putting on this website. On the note of thankfulness I would also like to thank my portfolio teacher Russel Heyman. Thank you for putting up with me, I feel as though I was a little difficult at times being so time strapped but you held confidence in my ability to pull through.