Website development and future plans

Its been almost one week since the creation of and development has been going smoothly so far. There was some difficulty setting up pages/categories but its all been sorted out. Some parts of the site are still under construction but the main parts are ready. You can learn all about what this site is about and who I am on the about page

There are a few posts already written and scheduled. Monday morning will show the first piece of digital modeling and painting, I know what it is and even I am excited.

Moving forward some things you can expect to see are a regular posting schedule. One on Monday and Friday at 7am GMT -8. There may be some posts on other days however these will not be regular occurrences. Second there are some pages under the about section that are being written and should be complete in a couple weeks time. And last of all will be making the currently in production portfolio/demo-reel available sometime in January 2015. There will not be any updates on the weekends unless its something like a technical problem that needs to be fixed.

There are a lot of plans that are scheduled over the next six months but you will have to wait to find out more 🙂

Thanks for reading and hope that we will get to know eachother in the months to come. If you want to contact me there is a contact form here.