Rock paintings : Tenant of Persistence

The tenants of the environment artist. As a child I practiced as part of a Tae Kwon Do team for six years and one thing every martial artist will learn are the tenants of their art. These tenants apply to everything in life and are in a way the ‘keys to success’. The Chinese philosophy of martial arts (Kung Fu) is especially profound with the view that everything is Kung Fu. Like Tao or Yin and Yang the foundation of an arts tenants are the recipe for life.

Last week I was frustrated trying to paint a rock texture on a sculpture, so this weekend I tried some relaxing 2D painting in Photoshop to practice. Ever since discovering concept art a year and some ago in college I have wanted to bring the painted look into 3D. Something that stopped me for a long time was that I didn’t believe it was possible. A lack of competency stalled  my efforts too recreate the beauty of gesture and inaccuracy.

Its still a long ways off but after making images like these and looking back a year there is no doubt that it can be achieved. With this we unlock a tenant of artistry, Persistence. The artist must acquire a taste to move  forward with confidence even when overwhelming or inadequate.

For the next five days I will have persistence and complete painting the rock sculptures. Next week the results will be posted on 🙂

Part of persistence is too share the results no matter what. I know my work still isn’t to the professional level that must be achieved however I will risk its judgement here even if its being weighed by my future employers because doing so will bring the feedback that fuels the persistence machine.

-The Environment Guy